What is KWP?

Katalyst is a community of Jesus-followers who long to see disciples of Christ in every nation. In partnership with like-minded ministries, we seek to extend their reach and magnify their impact and provide physical and spiritual hope in Jesus’ name.

From anywhere to everywhere

Unreached People

Katalyst maintains a focus on groups of people who don't have access to the gospel or a strong local church. Sometimes this means whole people groups and sometimes it means unreached pockets of an otherwise "reached" society. Over 40% of the world's population is considered unreached.

Making disciples

We focus on partnering with and supporting those who make disciples, knowing that when we have Christ-following disciples, we will have healthy churches that influence their communities and beyond.

Indigenous Leaders

Katalyst emphasizes collaboration with indigenous disciple-making ministries. We seek to establish, maintain and value meaningful partnerships with leadership of our indigenous partners.

Sustainable Development

Our desire is that our involvement would serve as a catalyst for disciple-making movements to flourish. We strive to avoid dependency on us or aid in general. We believe that "the resources are in the harvest."

Community Catalysts