On April 23, 2022, Matt Dickson, Director of Eggpreneur, and Greg Constable, Executive Director of Katalyst, where able to speak about their ministry at a Menโ€™s Breakfast at Hope Bible Church, St. Catharines.  

The presentation focused on how Katalyst and Eggpreneur are working together to equip Pastors in Kenya to run their own agriculture-based businesses. These businesses allow the Pastors to work in areas where there is not a self-sufficient local church. The pastors can support their families while also pastoring their emerging congregations. The business also gives them the opportunity to interact with various community members and therefore spread the gospel light into new areas.  

One attendee of the event commented, โ€œI really enjoyed learning about your ministry ... I thought the presentation was excellent. The whole approach to reaching 'the difficult to reach' seems so very creative and well thought out!โ€ 

There are still many places around the world that are considered unreached, meaning that there is no established church. Katalyst is working to accelerate the global church so that we can reach the unreached with the gospel message. If you have a group who would like to hear more about how Katalyst is coming alongside national Christian workers in sustainable ways, please reach out!