Pastor Emmanuel, with help from Katalyst, just started a water delivery business! 

Pastor Emmanuel, an African missionary in Togo, moved with his family to western Togo to establish a new church in the Muslim-majority community there. With so few Christians in the region, new churches are critical!  As a newcomer to the region, his first task has been to integrate into the community and develop trusted relationships. On that basis he will be able to seize opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Like many villages in the area, there is limited access to clean water. Many villagers’ only option is to go down to the distant and dirty river to collect water. In some parts of Togo, for those with money, it is common to have water delivered to the doorstep. Something like milk delivery services in North America used to be, clean water is delivered to the houses for a fee. But the town to which Pastor Emmanuel has come to serve, until now has not had such a water delivery service. It was a wide-open business opportunity for Pastor Emmanuel! 

Before full time ministry, Pastor Emmanuel had managed his uncle’s business for some time. With business experience, he was able to put together a business plan and pitch it to Katalyst World Partners. Katalyst immediately recognized the potential of the water delivery business to earn a living for Pastor Emmanuel and fostering deeper engagement in the community. Even as Pastor Emmanuel provides a valuable service, he will also be getting to know so many people in the town.  

Through the provision of a small business loan, Katalyst has been privileged to be able to partner with Pastor Emmanuel as he starts his business and reaches this otherwise unreached community for Christ. Lord willing, Pastor Emmanuel’s business will prosper for many years to come as he continues to be an ambassador for Christ and grows the kingdom of God in this area.