Through a course of divine appointments, we are privileged to have been introduced to Matt Dickson and EGGPRENEUR. Matt grew up in Kenya, migrated to Canada, and has returned to Kenya to serve the Lord as a humanitarian businessman. In 2014 he founded Eggpreneur, a Kenya-based charity focused on poverty alleviation based in Machakos, Kenya. More specifically, Eggpreneur empowers women and families through training, mentorship and support to reduce malnutrition through developing agribusiness solutions such as backyard poultry microbusinesses. As a follower of Christ, Matt seeks to live out his faith by loving his neighbours in this tangible way. To date, Matt and his staff at Eggpreneur have trained and equipped hundreds of women how to start their own backyard poultry businesses.

I am pleased to announce that Eggpreneur and Katalyst have entered into a ministry partnership. Currently, our collaboration mostly involves ongoing coaching for Matt in his communications with western donors. Due to our partnership we look forward to seeing Eggpreneur helping more women and families get out of poverty. At the same time, Katalyst and Eggpreneur will explore how backyard poultry microbusinesses can be used to train more disciples for Christ in Kenya and beyond.