Katalyst and ministry partner, Eggpreneur, have recently trained five pastors and their families in Kenya on small-scale chicken farming. These carefully selected pastors are a part of our pilot program in south eastern Kenya. They were specifically identified for assistance as they work among and near a particular unreached people group in the region that practices a combination of Islam and Animism.  

In November, the pastors and their wives attended the poultry training seminar of Eggpreneur. Knowing how to raise chickens and run a small poultry business will empower these families to have a steady source of income while continuing their calling as pastors and church planters.  

After their training was complete, each family’s chicken business was launched with 100 chicks, bags of feed and preventative medicines. The chicks are now growing and the pastors are thrilled to have a new way to support themselves and their families. They are continuing to receive mentorship and training from Eggpreneur staff as they handle this first batch of chicks. Through the provision of training, mentorship, chicks and supplies, they now have a sustainable way to continue to spread the gospel and reach their communities for Christ.