Georgia Stairs is currently serving as a Missionary Midwife Apprentice in the Philippines with the Newlife International School of Midwifery through its partnership with Katalyst World Partners. Georgia’s unique combination of interests in both missions and midwifery led her to where she is today.

Georgia grew up in a Christian home in Newfoundland, Canada. She is the seventh of ten children and was homeschooled through primary and secondary school. She was exposed to missions from an early age by her parents, grandparents, and others. From the time she was a child, Georgia always felt called to the mission field and saw some form of mission work in her future. Since her early teen years, she also had a desire to become a midwife. However, she did not see how she could continue to pursue both of these interests as a part of her career until she stumbled across Newlife. She felt as though she had struck gold; suddenly, it was possible for her to become a missionary midwife.

God seemed to be guiding her exactly where she was meant to be.

Now at Newlife in Davao City, Philippines, Georgia is working hard as she endeavors to learn the skills of midwifery and serve the Lord at Newlife.

She looks forward to becoming a proficient midwife, able to apply her expertise wherever God calls her. Georgia believes that all women in all countries should have access to midwifery services if they want them, and she hopes that she may be able to fill a void by eventually practicing in an area with otherwise scarce access to these services.

At Katalyst we are privileged to play a role in facilitating Georgia’s calling to glorify God through missionary midwifery!