Kenya Barnett is currently serving as a Missionary Midwife Apprentice in the Philippines. This is made possible because of the partnership between Katalyst and the Newlife School of Midwifery. Here is what Kenya has to say about herself and her journey to become a Missionary Midwife. 

From a young age I knew I wanted to be a midwife. Some of the biggest impacts on my life have been the strong and faithful women in my family. When I was 11 years old I gave my life to Christ. In Sunday School I was taught about missions and heard amazing stories about how God used ordinary people for his glory by sending them all over the world. Never did I think He would use me! While growing up in church I had several opportunities to experience different missions trips in other countries and serving at home in the community through various outreach events and sharing the gospel with my friends.  

In my senior year of high school God laid missions on my heart by igniting within me a burning desire that was very hard to ignore. He provided this opportunity to learn midwifery while serving cross culturally. Through this opportunity I am able to serve the women here in Davao City by giving maternal care through prenatals, labour, birth and postpartum. I have the opportunity to pray with each woman and share God’s love. I plan to use the skills I learn here in the Philippines and wherever God calls me in the future.