One of our key partnerships is with King’s College, India. On March 21 India went into a strictly enforced lockdown due to COVID-19. Fortunately, the students of King’s College had completed their academic year and had recently gone home. But the suddenness of the lockdown announcement caught most people off guard and resulted in thousands of migrant workers being stranded in urban centers far from their homes. It also resulted in Christian pastors having their livelihoods pulled out from under their feet. With no church meetings and no house visitations, their income was cut off. With people not able to leave their homes, church members had limited funds with which to share with their churches. We shared this information with our Canadian friends. In very generous ways, many came forward to financially help the pastors who were in tough times. We were able to send the Canadian donations to King’s College staff who were, in turn, able to distribute money and food to the pastors and vulnerable people in their communities. It was a real privilege to be a conduit of blessing between Canadian believers and our Indian brethren at such an urgent time of need.