Good pictures can help communicate the vision and mission of ministries around the world. For that reason we organized two online seminars to help our partners take better pictures. Since photography is a skill that can be learned, we invested in the training of our partners to help them tell their stories.

The first seminar was in English and the second was translated into French. While I hosted the online training, Keith Dodson, our Partnership Development Coach, provided the training. As a follow-up to each class the participants were given an assignment to take pictures using the principles taught in that class. They then submitted those pictures to Keith before the next class. At the following class we jointly reviewed the submissions and learned from each other’s work.

We are pleased to have provided this training for our partners in Kenya, India and Togo.

Keith Dodson teaching through ZOOM


“Thank you, Sir! Your classes have been very inspiring to me. My perspective of watching things has entirely changed after attending your classes. I started seeing every object in a grid view. I will surely do as you suggested. Looking forward to learn more from you."

A special thanks to Rebecca Harvey for translating our French seminar.