Kirby Birdsong has a passion for serving women through midwifery. It was during her time in college when she was inspired to work with women through the miraculous, intimate, and life-changing experience of pregnancy and childbirth. She has embraced midwifery because it allows her to holistically work with mothers and their families almost anywhere in the world. After 7 months at the Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of Congo, her passion for missionary midwifery was solidified as she worked closely with women in need, serving their physical and spiritual needs.

Kirby has joined Katalyst World Partners as a Missionary Midwife Apprentice. Her apprenticeship has now taken her to the Newlife School of Midwifery in Davao City, Philippines where she will continue to study midwifery while serving as a volunteer midwife. By the end of her apprenticeship, Kirby will be academically, practically, and experientially prepared to serve women and families wherever God may call her.