Katalyst is accelerating the global church through sustainable strategies.

Through partnership with indigenous pastors, teachers and midwives the gospel can be extended to places where there is no church at present.

To this end, Katalyst empowers indigenous leaders to support their families and ministries with appropriate tent-making enterprises.

This is where beekeeping comes in!

Beekeeping can be a viable enterprise for Pastors and Christian workers for several reasons:

  1.     It can be done on a relatively flexible time schedule;
  2.     It is scalable, depending on the financial needs of the beekeeper;
  3.     Bees are globally ubiquitous;
  4.     Most countries have an existing demand and market for honey and bee products;
  5.     The startup costs are not prohibitive.

Katalyst is seeking a Beekeeping Market Developer who will work in collaboration with local experts in Africa or Asia to create a 'model apiary.’ The ‘model apiary’ will include operational and instructional bee colonies, hive manufacturing, resourcing of bees and supplies, processing of honey and bee products and will conduct regular in-person and distant education training.

The Beekeeping Market Developer will help to empower church planters and teachers to become part-time beekeepers through entry level training and ongoing mentoring. Katalyst will provide ‘rent-to-own hives’ so that they can launch their businesses with a limited outlay of cash.

This position is not just about beekeeping. Successful applicants will require a keen entrepreneurial acumen, with ample initiative and creativity to develop products, connect with the marketplace, and develop apiary businesses. Every beekeeper-in-training will have a slightly different rationale and focus, so the Beekeeping Market Developer will be required to adapt his/her mindset to address the needs of each unique situation.

The Beekeeping Market Developer position will involve:

  •     Identifying market opportunities and helping trainees  to develop bee product-related enterprises;
  •     Providing consultation and support for trainees as they grow their respective enterprises;
  •     Managing the model apiary as a demo farm for training purposes;
  •     Curating and/or developing training materials;
  •     Working overseas is required but the work could also be accomplished through stints of several months overseas at a time. The overseas location is to be determined by mutual agreement.

For more details please contact Katalyst.