As messengers of God’s love, ‘missionary midwives’ are uniquely positioned to serve their communities spiritually and physically. Katalyst World Partners seeks to mobilize missionary midwives for God’s glory. In collaboration with our partners, we want to see midwife practices launched around the world as gospel lighthouses.

Our desire, as Christ-followers, is to share His good news in word and deed. We believe that midwifery, as a ministry, is a great way to show God’s love tangibly. In establishing relationships of trust with mothers and communities over many months, midwifery presents a platform for living and speaking the gospel.

The Missionary Midwife Apprenticeship is a hands-on training program designed to prepare women to serve as missionary midwives. The partnership between Katalyst World Partners and Newlife International School of Midwifery, Philippines, provides an opportunity for women who have no previous experience as midwives to be trained vocationally and cross-culturally, and then to serve in practical ministry. All participants will be coached through each step of the process toward career missionary service. The program's structure enables its participants to raise the necessary financial support to serve at the birthing clinic, and to acquire the midwifery skills and knowledge requisite for a midwifery license after graduation.

Mercy Maternity Centre


Newlife International School of Midwifery


Apprenticeship participants will invest in the impact of MMC by serving as volunteers at the clinic throughout the duration of the program. In addition to serving at the main clinic in Davao, midwife services bring regular opportunities for home visits and community outreach.Registered as an American school, NISM has been training Christian missionary midwives for over 25 years. Alll academic and clinical training is done at their clinical site in the Philippines. NISM’s program prepares students academically and clinically, to become fully credentialled.

Throughout apprenticeship, Katalyst mentors participants as they journey toward missionary service. Beyond the 30-month apprenticeship in the Philippines, Katalyst organizes additional placement opportunities so that its apprentices can further establish themselves as diversely experienced missionary midwives. Although an additional placement is not required, it is encouraged.

You can apply to the Missionary Midwife Apprenticeship program by clicking below. Applications will be considered on their merits and the availability of seats in the program. We are now accepting applications for a January 2024 start date.