There is a reason why many of Jesus’ parables were agriculturally-based. Jesus knew that his listeners would understand and could relate to the imagery he chose. In other words, he chose to speak their "language." Today also, by embracing agriculture as a bridge, there is an opportunity to connect with farmers both practically and spiritually.

At Katalyst World Partners we believe that agriculture is a key to connecting with, and empowering, rural communities in Jesus’ name. We believe that modelling discipleship within an agricultural context can both communicate the heart of God and facilitate the extension of God’s kingdom in rural communities.


Lekan, a Togolese pastor, went to an unreached community in his country as a bivocational church planter. In time, he found that his pepper farm provided for his family’s financial needs, provided work for a couple farm employees, and empowered him to train others in his community on how to grow peppers. Pastor Lekan has found that being bivocational has made his ministry more effective and sustainable.

Training Bi-vocational Leaders

We are in active partnership with Eggpreneur (Kenya) and EVANA for the Nations (Togo) to train and equip Christian workers in agricultural activities such as poultry management, crop farming, etc. By combining agricultural proficiency and missionary zeal, we see the emergence of indigenously-driven bivocational church planting movements.

Help a Pastor Raise Quail / Chickens / Rabbits

Eggpreneur (Kenya)

Eggpreneur is a Kenyan organization that trains and equips individuals in developing countries in sustainable poultry farming methods. Katalyst has come alongside Eggpreneur to help it build its capacity for future growth, connect with like-minded churches, and leverage its expertise in the missions field. Together, they are engaging in projects to provide Eggpreneur’s small-scale farming skills specifically to pastors, with a focus on empowering kingdom workers to reach unreached people groups.

Synergy in Partnership

Katalyst brings value added to these partnerships through:

  • Recruiting short-term and long-term workers for additional expertise to their agricultural and financial literacy training programs
  • Raising “seed capital” for Christian workers to start their self-supporting enterprises
  • Networking, collaborating and innovating with our partners to effectively resource their ministries

Join Us!

Do you have what it takes to serve as a missionary who starts or develops an agriculturally-based business? Would you like to serve as an agricultural trainer? (experienced and inexperienced trainers needed) Would you like to financially invest in one of our impactful projects? We'd love to hear from you.

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