Some people are uniquely made by God to generate and run businesses. We recognize that the enterprise of world missions requires and will increasingly require kingdom-minded entrepreneurs.

In biblical times Elijah was sustained by a widow, Jesus’ ministry had a treasurer, and Paul’s funds were raised in a number of ways. All ministries have a business model.

By starting strategic businesses, jobs, training, and profits can be created. In partnership with ministries, these same businesses generate relationships, opportunities and hope.


EVANA for the Nations is a Togolese missions agency, which trains Africans to reach Africa with the good news of Jesus Christ. It sends out its missionaries bi-vocationally, with the motto, “Bible in one hand, skill in the other.” Katalyst has been working to provide proven pastors with small loans to start up new business ventures in keeping with the idea of pairing self-support with spreading the Gospel.

During consultation with EVANA, Katalyst suggested the possible use of a river water pump as a small-scale business to support church planters reach their country at a community level. This idea resonated with EVANA, they suggested a better contextually appropriate business idea, and Katalyst is now collaborating with them on the business model, the sourcing of equipment, financing, and implementation of the sustainable strategy. Together, Katalyst and EVANA are achieving outcomes that would be less likely to be accomplished on their own.

Working with Global Partners

Many aspects of our mission require entrepreneurs who are eager to invest into the success of others. Katalyst works with its Global Partners to ensure that Christ-centered ministries can be sustainably supported. To that end we need entrepreneurially-minded individuals to join hands with us and our partners.

Building Capacity

In partnering with EVANA (Togo), Katalyst is working to build capacity for future expansion within the organization. This includes brainstorming new methods for outreach and pastoral self-support, helping board members get training in accounting and governance, building EVANA its first website, developing a logo, and more.

Synergy in Partnership

Katalyst brings added value to these partnerships through:

  • Consulting with Global Partners to collaboratively determine solutions
  • Recruiting short-term entrepreneurs to provide training for bivocational workers
  • Recruiting long-term workers to start/develop businesses in conjunction with our Global Partners
  • Raising “seed capital” for kingdom enterprises that serve to accelerate the church

Join Us!

Do you have what it takes to serve as an entrepreneurial missionary? Are you ready to apply your business experience in the development of a business associated with one of our current partners? Or perhaps, as an entrepreneur, you have an idea that we have not yet thought of. In either case, we'd love to hear from you.

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