About Us


We are a brand new missions organization, founded in 2020. We’re enthusiastic about our paradigm of synergistic partnership in missions, and are eager to shed our preconceptions of how missions “should” look, in favour of spreading the good news of Jesus more effectively, “from anywhere to everywhere”.


Accelerating the global church with sustainable strategies through mobilization, collaboration, and innovation.


We see the day when the people of God from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation will be gathered around the throne of heaven, worshipping Him. Keeping our eyes on this vision, we help the church make disciples, gladly changing methods when appropriate.

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Our Partnerships

Katalyst World Partners complies with CRA guidelines for non-profits through our relationship with International Chrsitian Mission Services. ICMS has direction and control of the resources donated to ICMS on behalf of our ministry and holds us accountable for the work we do.