Charity Baxter currently serves as a Missionary Midwife Apprentice in the Republic of Congo through partnership between Katalyst World Partners and the Newlife School of Midwifery. Here is what Charity has to say about herself and her journey to become a Missionary Midwife.

Growing up, our family often hosted missionaries in our home. These visits cultivated my interest in missionary life and by age 11, I knew God was leading me to serve as a missionary. I attended Bible College, took multiple missions courses, and graduated with great anticipation but without clarity of vision for either a vocational specialty or possible area of service. I was called to serve but had yet to understand God's direction for this service. That's when God once again used my family to guide me.

I was born at home and many of my sisters were born at home so midwifery was familiar to me but hadn't crossed my mind as a possible vocational ministry. The more I thought and prayed about it, the more I explored the need for midwives on the mission field. And the more I explored, the more the Lord revealed not only the tremendous need for midwives on the mission field, but the specific need for missionary midwives in Africa. That's when I reached out to the midwife who'd attended our births and asked if I could shadow her. She graciously said yes and my path to service became clear.

I explored different options online to become a certified midwife and found Newlife International School of Midwifery based in Davao, Philippines. What drew me to Newlife was that they specifically train Christian missionary midwives. In May of 2021, I applied to Newlife and was accepted. Unfortunately Covid restrictions prevented any travel to the Philippines so God made another way!

Because of Newlife’s partnership with Katalyst World Partners, I began service as a Missionary Midwife Apprentice at Pioneer Christian Hospital (PCH) in the Republic of Congo, January 2022, with the goal to complete my training at Newlife in the Philippines once the country reopened. I arrived at PCH in January 2022

Since arrival at PCH I have worked to learn the local language of Lingala, completed online midwifery courses, and gained invaluable experience as I shadow the midwives at the hospital. In addition to my midwife experiences, I have witnessed the critical care of sick infants brought to the hospital outside of the maternity ward.

Upon completion of my Missionary Midwife Apprenticeship, I intend to serve as a missionary midwife in Uganda, Africa alongside my brother and sister-in-law who already serve there as missionaries.