The mission of Katalyst is to accelerate the global church with sustainable strategies. One of the sustainable strategies that we believe can make an incredible difference is that of midwifery.

To that end, Katalyst is excited to announce our partnership with the Newlife International School of Midwifery, Philippines.

Founded by Matt & Krys McNeil, NISM has been training Christian missionary midwives for over 25 years. Newlife International School of Midwifery prepares students academically and clinically to write the necessary examinations in North America to become certified and licensed midwives (CPM). Additional to clinical training, the students are equipped spiritually, serve in the clinic, engage in outreach, and acquire language and cross-cultural skills.

Katalyst is excited to partner with Newlife and will seek to enhance what is already a proven and fruitful ministry. We are trusting that the Lord will bear fruit through this partnership in ways that neither ministry could have accomplished on its own.